The Beginning

I guess this is the official beginning of my “spiritual journey.” Though who can honestly say it didn’t begin at birth? Stories always have to start somewhere, even if it’s in the middle, or at the end. Sometimes it’s not until the end that we realize it’s worth writing. Some things can only be understood and appreciated after they have already ended. After a time the years seem to melt together and it’s a wonder it wasn’t all a dream.

I have watched CricketSong for a while now…I think? And she has recently-ish posed a challenge of sorts to write on the spiritual journey. She promises to post every week under the #mysticalseeker and as she was quite faithful last year with the #ytpaganchallenge I am inclined to believe she will follow through. (I guess I remember when she started posting for the youtube pagan challenge so that dates my viewership at at least 1 year).

Anywho, Cricketsong never fails to pose very interesting, insightful, and unbiased questions as well as the journeys and answers she has gone through in her own life. So eventhough I’m a couple weeks behind I hope you’ll join me in a year of introspection but most importantly ACTION! Let us begin, as Gandhi says, the story of my experiments with truth!

Foundation Concepts

#mysticalseeker week 1


How you understand the nature of deity?

What is the most important thing to you to understand about the nature of deity

what ism best describes your perspective of deity?

Consider whether you view deity as transcendent or immanent?

In what way do you see deity manifested on earth?


I find these questions rather difficult to answer since I don’t feel that I have much contact with what I would like to consider God to be, so it’s kind of a guestimation. I understand God as the will to live and the intuition that it appears to me that all living things and all aspects of the universe seems to have. I suppose it could be cosmic order from the largest to the smallest aspects, to the seen and unseen, conscious and subconscious.

The most important thing for me to understand about God is my place within and how God guides my life in harmonizing with everything (being God). I see disharmony with God as being somewhat of a disease or cancer. There are numerous different kinds of cells that make up my body that all accomplish different tasks in different ways and work together presumably without specific or complete knowledge of the entire body. In this way I feel that the best way to proceed is to find my direct line to God and focus on my intructions only as I cannot fathom the far reaching effects of my own actions. In the same way cells that stop performing their functions become malignant and have far reaching negative effects.

I consider God must have both immanent and trascendent qualities. I consider the universe to be a part of God but that God is not limited to being the universe. In the way that my hand is a part of me but I am more than a hand.  However I believe that our understanding of God is limited to what we can experience in the way that we can go to a river every day of our lives and never really experience the same river twice while at the same time that same water may have been experienced by humans thousands of years ago thousands of miles away.

I see God in fleeting moments in nature when life seems to be possessed to live. I guess it sounds strange, but the universal will to live despite very hostile conditions. The ability of monarch butterflies to make a yearly migration over 2,500 miles and 5 generations to the exact same hibernation trees their great-great-great grandmothers hibernated in the year before.  The way the weeds grow in the hottest, driest, poorest dirt.